Project Development

Convert business opportunities into working facilities

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How we help our clients

We provide the expertise and tools to help owners and developers create a reliable and defendable project scope and associated capital cost estimate that trend into the project’s next phases. We assist in developing process design packages, critical equipment design packages, and plot plans. In collaboration with owners, we execute FEL 1 and FEL 2 scope definitions and pass gate reviews. We develop early phase estimates at each pass gate so that our clients can determine whether or not to move the project to the next phase.

Our Approach

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ROI Focus

Focused on optimizing capital, we help owners establish the capital and operating cost requirements of a potential business opportunity.

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Technology Selection

Analyze oil, gas, chemical, or alternative energy opportunities for technology, asset screening, or targeted investment level.

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Facility Layout

Our experienced personnel apply their industry and project knowledge to provide impartial, reliable technical and economic viablility assessments.

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Product Mix

We study aspects of technical, economic, and commercial due diligence with an emphasis on technology and capital requirements.


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Concept through Front-End Loading

Technology selection
Linear program modeling
Benchmarking (PDRI, IPA, controls)
FEL scope development
Process design package
Project execution planning
Contractor selection
Risk management planning
Process safety management
Value engineering
Gated approach to project execution