Press Release: TritenIAG to Provide Project Management Services for Development of Renewable Natural Gas Project

October 11, 2023
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TritenIAG, a project management and development consulting firm, announced that it has been selected to provide technical and project management services for the development of several ag-waste to renewable natural gas (RNG) projects. TritenIAG will lead the feasibility assessment, preliminary design, cost estimating, contractor selection, and management of front-end engineering and design (FEED) for multiple RNG projects that will convert dairy farm waste into pipeline quality  RNG.

The first project will process waste from over 12,000 cows supplied by several local dairies into RNG. By using anaerobic digestion to extract methane from animal waste into RNG, the project will meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional methods of natural gas extraction. The RNG will ultimately be injected into a local utility’s natural gas pipeline and distributed to consumers across its distribution system.

“We appreciate the opportunity to advance and support the renewable natural gas market,” said Terence Easton, CEO of TritenIAG. “RNG provides an opportunity to turn waste into a fungible  energy resource, while reducing emissions and providing economic benefits to local farms, communities, and businesses. We look forward to providing our technical expertise to bring these projects to fruition.”

RNG, also known as biomethane, is a renewable form of natural gas produced from organic waste materials like food waste, agricultural waste, wastewater, and landfills. When raw biogas is upgraded to RNG, it becomes chemically and functionally equivalent to conventional natural gas. It can then be used interchangeably in natural gas vehicles, power generation equipment, homes, and businesses.

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