Press Release: TritenIAG Helps Bring Sustainable Carbon Capture Technology to Market

August 16, 2023
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Houston, August 16, 2023 – TritenIAG, a leading sustainable project development and management firm, and ReCarbon, a greenhouse gas conversion technology company, are partnering to design and commercialize a revolutionary plasma carbon conversion unit (PCCU) technology. The PCCU technology converts greenhouse emissions to produce syngas with diverse applications in the production of clean fuels and chemicals, including hydrogen, ethanol, and jet fuel.
TritenIAG and ReCarbon are committed to providing clean energy solutions that reduce environmental impact while providing economic benefits. The PCCU technology is designed to convert CO2 to higher value products.
The two companies have recently completed a comprehensive study that revisited the design of three large-scale PCCU plants in North America, Australia, and Asia. The plants are designed to have optimized operating characteristics, meeting multiple environmental and economic objectives.

“We are delighted to be partnering to bring this innovative technology to the global markets and to make a difference in the energy transition,” said Amer Mujakic, VP of Business Development at TritenIAG. “We believe that our joint efforts in designing and commercializing this technology will help to create a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

TritenIAG is committed to supporting clean energy solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

About TritenIAG

TritenIAG has spent over 75 years entrenched in business-critical projects, establishing the project experience and nurturing the industry connections that we share with our clients. From project development through commissioning and startup, TritenIAG has the specialized expertise and proven methodologies to design and execute the most strategic solutions throughout a project’s lifecycle. We provide the intelligent foundation on which successful projects are built.
About ReCarbon

Founded in 2011, ReCarbon, Inc. is the developer of a commercial proprietary microwave plasma technology applied to the conversion of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) to syngas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide). Based in California, USA with a global operational footprint, ReCarbon is deploying its disruptive and climate-positive technology in plants and projects worldwide, producing revenue and reducing costs in targeted hard-to-abate industry sectors and biogenic emission sources.


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