Press Release: TritenIAG to provide project development services for ReCarbon’s advanced hydrogen and syngas production technology

August 30, 2022
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HOUSTON, TX — August 26th, 2022 — TritenIAG and ReCarbon have partnered on the design and development of three ReCarbon plasma carbon conversion unit (PCCU) based plants in North America, Australia, and Asia. These facilities are designed to produce CO2-free syngas and clean hydrogen. Additionally, TritenIAG will advise on the design of PCCU-based pathways in multiple downstream value chains, including petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and fertilizers. ReCarbon’s PCCU transforms carbon emissions into syngas and hydrogen.

ReCarbon’s CEO Jay Kim said, “We are pleased to collaborate with TritenIAG as we evaluate the wide application of our first-in-kind technology. TritenIAG has a reputation for stewarding emerging, sustainable technologies to successful production, and we are pleased to have their technical and practical expertise as we commercialize our technology.”

Added TritenIAG CEO Terence Easton, “ReCarbon is a pioneer in the carbon emissions utilization and the bioenergy sector. Their PCCU technology decarbonizes heavy greenhouse gas emitting industries by transforming bio-based sources of carbon dioxide and methane emissions into hydrogen and syngas products. They play an important role in the transition to a new energy future.”

About ReCarbon
Founded in 2011, ReCarbon, Inc. is the developer of a commercial proprietary microwave plasma technology applied to the conversion of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) to syngas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide). Based in California, USA with a global operational footprint, ReCarbon is deploying its disruptive and climate-positive technology in plants and projects worldwide, producing revenue and reducing costs in targeted hard-to-abate industry sectors.

About TritenIAG
TritenIAG has spent over 75 years entrenched in business-critical projects, establishing the project experience and nurturing the industry connections that we share with our clients. From project development through commissioning and startup, TritenIAG has the specialized expertise and proven methodologies to design and execute the most strategic solutions throughout a project’s lifecycle. We provide the intelligent foundation on which successful projects are built.


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