Press Release: TritenIAG Launches Feasibility Study for Clean Energy Generation and Green Ammonia

October 18, 2023
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TritenIAG, a sustainable project development and management company, has partnered with Free Energy on a feasibility study for a new facility that will use renewable energy to produce green ammonia.

The project would help reduce dependence on traditional energy sources by shifting to renewable energy sources. TritenIAG has already supported clean energy projects around the globe, and this project is another step in their mission of creating long-term value for the environment, their customers, and future generations.

The study will explore technical and economic aspects of the project. TritenIAG is optimistic that this project will benefit the Eastern Oklahoma region and looks forward to presenting the findings of the feasibility study. This is one in a series of green ammonia and hydrogen projects that TritenIAG is working on this year.


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