IAG Rebrands the Company as “TritenIAG,” and Launches New Logo and Refreshed Website

January 12, 2022
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IAG has changed its name and is moving forward as TritenIAG.  This change is meant to harness the innovative spirit of its founding company, Triten, and leverage the expertise of the existing company, IAG. Along with the name change, TritenIAG has released a revised logo and website to communicate the new direction of the company.

“These changes reinforce our commitment to the traditional pursuit of success for our customers and partners and allow us to evolve our purpose more accurately,” said TritenIAG CEO Terence Easton. “TritenIAG’s purpose is to ‘transform potential into a sustainable future.’”

For many years, TritenIAG specialized in managing technology driven hydrocarbon processing projects. They will continue to support this specialization. In addition, they are expanding their expertise in lockstep with their clients by managing capital projects that support the global circular economy and a sustainable future.

“The new TritenIAG logo honors our history by using a modern iteration of typography found in our founder’s patents. The logomark symbolizes our commitment to sustainability with a stylistic nod to the recycling symbol and through the churning motion which evokes the circular economy,” said Rebecca Borgh, TritenIAG Marketing Director.

The website focuses on the unique value TritenIAG brings to specific markets through their industry experience, technology expertise and proven project management capability. Their new ethos, “The intelligent foundation on which successful capital projects are built,” emphasizes their unique role as project advisors and advocates for owners’ business goals. In addition, the website introduces TritenIAG’s company values: safety, accountability, transparency, collaboration, innovation, and agility, all of which inform how they behave as a company.


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