Distinguished Service

June 26, 2019
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Safety professionals occasionally face life threatening emergencies. When this happens, their judgment and training are put to the test. Jimmie West, Construction Health and Safety Officer, encountered this situation when a colleague dropped to the ground and lost his pulse. With exceptional leadership, Jimmie took control of the situation, initiated CPR and revived his colleague. The colleague was transported to the hospital and, thanks in large part to Jimmie’s quick action and leadership under pressure, is recovering well. We are proud to have Jimmie on our team and profoundly grateful for his lifesaving leadership.

"I couldn’t be more proud of Jimmie’s lifesaving actions. He is a rare personality: balanced, professional and holds respect for others as a central value. He’s a strong leader who fixes problems and keeps people safe. This recent action is just one more demonstration of his character and abilities.” Jay Grimes, FOCUSS SERVICE GROUP, President

“I was so impressed at Jimmie’s leadership in this situation. He knew exactly how to handle the situation and responded quickly and effectively.” Don Pippins, Senior Construction Manager, IAG


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