Glass Solutions

Major plant repair projects must achieve reliable production, quality product and ensure safe conditions.

To achieve these outcomes, float glass manufacturing owners must overcome significant challenges. Lean owner organizations, with staff spread across a fleet of plants, must manage additional project responsibilities. Strict corporate expectations for cost and schedule requirements must be met. Since major repairs are needed only every 15-20 years, even the most experienced plant staff may not have been involved in a major repair.

Our Approach

Our project teams integrate with operational managers and SME’s to support them where they need it the most. These integrated teams develop project scopes informed by commercial outcomes and protected from costly scope changes. Once developed, our project execution services ensure projects are run safely and effectively so that owners can be sure their plants begin production as scheduled.

Project Planning

Without a properly developed scope and plan, projects often encounter unanticipated circumstances. Reacting to these circumstances can be difficult and overwhelming. Late decisions can mean increased costs and lost production. Our team helps owners and their SME’s develop detailed plans and accurate estimates, so the team is prepared to execute the plan and better equipped to manage through unforeseen events.


Robust safety planning that establishes safety expectations and culture in the scope and commercial approach.


Facilitate interactive planning sessions to determine key milestones, activities, interfaces, and a framework for a project execution plan.


Contracting strategies that optimize the cost, performance, and procurement of repair services and equipment.


Our estimate quantifies both the work hours and estimated cost to facilitate project funding and planning.

Project Execution

Focused on maximizing value for owners, our experienced teams build safety programs for worker well-being, ensure quality for well-functioning equipment, and coordinate construction for timely project delivery.


Our safety managers are experienced with the intense nature of cold tank repairs. We establish a safety culture and drive to an incident, injury free job site. Key to this is our HS&E plan, well coordinated with our project execution approach and commercial strategy.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers routinely integrate and manage the multiple team members and stakeholders for a successful repair project.

Project Controls

Our project controls group ensure the project governance to enable project leadership to make good and timely decisions.

Construction Management

Ensures effective coordination between all parties involved in the project and provides a single point of responsibility from mobilization to completion.


Develops a rigid strategy that minimizes risk, allows competition and sets the terms to manage the project.