Capital Management Solutions

Investing capital effectively and consistently with top level business strategy is fundamental to the overall health and success of any business. Decisionmaking early in the investment process often determines the financial success or failure of the investment. We get involved early to help you improve your bottom line by eliminating unintended bias and improving capital investment decisionmaking through pragmatic third-party analysis of your capital project plans.

Capital Investment Appraisals

Project Assessment / Capital Optimization

SME Support and Cold Eye Review

Scope and Estimate Development

How we optimize capital

We start by ensuring we have a thorough understanding of your objectives as an owner. We then evaluate all planned capital projects together and each project independently. In many cases, we are able to recommend much less investment - by reducing the cost of or even eliminating planned projects - to achieve or even exceed your business objectives. We also bring a "cold eye" to steer away from projects that may look attractive now but in the end will not meet your objectives as an owner. That's our job and that's our commitment to you.

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