Glass Cold Tank Repair

From good glass to good glass in 103 days
Cold Tank Repair
Schedule Deviation
Cost Deviation
A global industrial glass manufacturer needed to perform a Cold Tank Repair (CTR) of a facility’s furnace and generators, tin bath, and glass annealing lehr oven. With a history of CTRs that ran over budget, the client engaged IAG to provide on-location oversight and assist in achieving an aggressive schedule.
Our Approach
On kickoff, IAG identified requirements for project management, safety, and procurement. To ensure the success of the project, the IAG team implemented a construction management program, built a robust safety program, and provided ad-hoc support services, including procurement, quality oversight, and commercial support.
Construction Management and Quality Services
To efficiently coordinate across multiple work sites, IAG implemented a comprehensive construction management system. This included managing, coordinating and tracking daily activities to administer T&M contracts and forecast and managing against project schedule. Reporting included weekly construction, schedule and progress reports, two-week look aheads to ensure materials were on time for installation, and visual walkdowns to identify progress, quality and engineering related issues.
IAG met with all contractors and project SME’s to compile project data into a single master integrated schedule. This included developing the integrated schedule for the owner and several contractors who, lacked the experience to build a project schedule.  Based on weekly meetings with contractor supervisors and client SME’s and daily field observations, we tracked progress curves to identify and avoid schedule delays and ensure timely coordination.
Based on these efforts, the project was delivered only a few days behind schedule, several significant delays were identified and avoided, and improved communication helped negate potential safety issues.
IAG focused on building a safety culture based on two principles: First, that safety is based not on rules, but rather on ensuring that everyone – employees, contractors, and suppliers - go home safe each day. Second, IAG’s role with contractors is not to police activity (an ineffective and often counterproductive approach), but instead to educate and assist contractors in building and implementing their own safety programs. Through these efforts, project contractors and workers gained the skills to take ownership over their own safety programs and began recognizing safety hazards, unsafe conditions and acts, and made corrections amongst themselves. Specifically, we saw the safety culture change in several ways:
-       Both supervisors and workers understood why policies were put into place
-       Contractors took ownership by building their own safety plans that met or exceeded the overall safety plan
-       Workers made safety personal by planning their work to take account of safety issues and by making affirmative safety interventions

As one contractor commented: "I’m seeing safety in a totally different way than I have in the past, and I have IAG to thank for it. I have seen my guys—who were resistant to Tool Box Talks, JHAs, and Permitting—actually embrace and focus on safety more than they ever have before. Even I have learned so much on this project and will take these learnings and build on them to make my company even better." -Bill Boulter, Boulter Industrial Contractors, Inc.
Our team supported the safety program with more than 1,100 project safety orientations, weekly project safety audits and all-hands safety meetings, daily toolbox meetings, job safety analysis for each job performed, and more. We also performed approximately 2,000 documented daily safety observations. Trends in this data informed audits, safety newsletters for toolbox meetings, and focus for the all-hands meetings.

Procurement and Commercial Services
After identifying several issues in the procurement of permanent materials, IAG recommended a thorough review for division of material responsibility.The team then provided ad-hoc site equipment procurement, delivering equipment to improve and exceed schedule requirements, often by up to three weeks and in one case, hours after requested. In addition to expedited equipment procurement, the team assisted the client by issuing purchase orders, managing shipment and delivery, and issued equipment to contractors.
IAG also provided commercial support of contractor invoices.Our audit of invoices against contractual terms, scope, labor and installations progress resulted in substantial cost savings.

Project was delivered in 103 days.  
Effected a step change improvement in safety culture.
Helped to avoid severe delays by expediting the procurement and delivery of essential equipment, often by more than three weeks.
Supported client on obtaining substantial cost savings through diligent management of scope and contracts

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