Authenticity, dependability, and effective project delivery

An interview with Price Chumley, IAG Executive Vice President of Operations

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What originally attracted you to work at IAG? 
There were several things that attracted me. I guess the first item would be that IAG was a small privately owned company that managed large projects. Secondly, IAG is a very familial company. I knew people that worked at IAG that I’ve known for over 30 years. And part of the management of IAG is to empower its teams to make decisions: don’t let issues linger, work through, identify the issues that are coming up and solve those issues before they get to us. I think that’s very important here at IAG. We typically review our projects every week, so we don’t allow for time to pass by and issues to become worse over time. 
What are some of the key things that make a project successful or fail? 
I believe the biggest thing in making a project successful is understanding the objectives of the owner. The challenges sometimes are developing the trust between the IAG team and the owner’s team and the contractors that we are managing. So, that’s what requires a lot of attention and a lot of a special work and a lot of being authentic and dependable so we can gain that trust both with the owner’s team and with the contractors that we are managing.
I think authenticity is one of IAG’s core values. It means, of course, honesty and dependability; its predictability.
You mention authenticity. What does that mean to you? 
I’m glad you asked because authentic is a very good word for me and I’ve read a lot about it. I think its one of the core values that IAG believes in. It means, of course, honesty and dependability. I think it’s predictability. As a manager, I want to be authentic to the people that report to me. I want them to have a feeling of how I’m going to react to something before I even do so. You know, I want be dependable. I want to react the same. I want to work to reduce volatility around issues. All of those are things that, in my opinion, create authenticity with owners, with contractors, with anybody that we deal with on project. 
The experience that’s gained by that rapidity of managing the same sort of project definitely gives us, gives IAG, the advantage.
What are some of the biggest challenges that your clients are facing right now? 
We hear quite often from existing clients and prospective clients that they don’t have the expertise to manage projects. Through attrition, through retirement, through people going to other industries to work, owners are just losing their experienced personnel. This is actually an issue that several owners have pointed out to us and that we’re trying to help them with. Both existing clients and prospective clients that we’re trying to put together a plan to help them, where they’ve lost experience and talent managing their projects.
Why should owners consider hiring IAG? 
Actually this is a good question and I actually know of at least three owners that spell out why they should hire IAG as good or better than we explain it. So one owner, for example, mentions that his project teams might manage a particular project once in their career or maybe twice in their career. IAG’s team members typically have 20, 30 or more years of experience, and they might have managed this particular type of project 10 times. So the experienced that’s gained by that rapidity of managing the same sort of project definitely gives us, gives IAG, the advantage or the higher level of management. Another owner talks about the fact that his team needs support from IAG. IAG might not fill every role on the project management team, but they’ll supply certain roles that the owner does not have expertise in to round out or finish the composition of the project team. 

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