Intellectual Honesty

We have a long history of consistently delivering projects on time and on budget. We accomplish this through an applied method of unbiased problem solving which we call intellectual honesty.

Principles of Intellectual Honesty

Facts are presented in an unbiased manner, and not to support one view over another
Pursuit of truth
Personal motivations or agendas do not interfere with the pursuit of truth
No omissions
Relevant facts and information are never omitted, even when they may contradict one's hypothesis
All the facts
References, historical data and earlier work are analyzed and applied

Intellectual honesty ensures owners realize their business objectives

Our formal business practices are dedicated to realizing our clients' top level business goals. We apply our industry-leading expertise to help develop and then execute your business goals.
Real time data flow
Eliminate surprises with real time data flow and reliable forecasts
Outcomes, not hours
Emphasis on business outcomes eliminates hourly fee bloat

Our commercial incentives are designed to align with your business case

Independent project review
Funding estimate validation
Business case analysis
Third party project controls
Contractor selection
Pursuit of lower and no capital alternatives
Execution plan gap analysis