How we work

We consistently deliver project success while achieving quality, cost, schedule and safety targets. While our unique commitment to intellectual honesty and best in class expertise helps to achieve this, our specific practices fundamentally shape each engagement and uniquely equip us to deliver these results.

Lifecycle focus

Traditional EPC Front End design development processes focus on lowest capital cost to the exclusion of most other capital investment metrics.

Our IAG team incorporates both owner, technology, vendors, and contractor knowledge, attack capital investment opportunities with a dual focus: highest ROI in combination with industry best life cycle performance.

We accomplish this by embedding expertise at strategic points in scope development to minimize unit downtime into the initial design. Our structured approach routinely reduces anticipated unit downtime by 15% of industry expectations, moving our clients into top quartile indices.

Unique Team Dynamic

Projects fail to deliver business objects for three main reasons:  (1) Shortage of top-rated project management personnel (2) Lack of discipline within the work process and (3) Poor communication between business and project professionals.

To combat these issues, IAG assembled a core team of professionals who have worked as both owners and contractors. The value of our dual background team is manifested through enhanced owner/contractor communication, more accurate investment decisions and implementation of the execution model best suited for unique individual project needs.

We are not a contractor that simply follows the direction, processes, scope and the outcome is what it is. We will challenge not only the project, but the additional costs and burdens that owners have built into their process specifications and battling the “this is how we always do it” mentality.

Integrated Project Management Team

IAG’s Integrated Project Management Team (IPMT) model assembles an all-star team, comprised of the best talent from IAG and the client. This ensures that the best available talent is focused on the project, improves project communication at every level, and further ensures that performance is based on owner's business goals.

To determine the optimal IPMT team we consider process unit technology, subject matter experts, commissioning and startup, reporting requirements and systems and tools.

Interactive Planning

IAG employs interactive planning sessions through the project lifespans to build consensus in the task of planning, sequencing, and executing the critical activities to complete a project.

While each interactive planning session differs, they all provide a structure to review new data, identify critical tasks and issues, and develop a skeleton interactive plan.

These planning sessions involve key project members early in the project, including owner's representatives, key players, facility managers and construction leadership.