The foundation of our business is our outstanding people. 
We have continuously sought and employed the most talented people in the industry. Our organization is comprised of highly skilled, highly experienced personnel who have managed scores of capital projects, large and small.  Our in-house expertise includes Project Managers, Project Engineers, Process Technology Experts, Procurement and Contract Specialists, Cost Estimators, Schedulers, Cost Control Experts, Construction Managers, QA/QC, and Inspection and Safety personnel.  IAG personnel average 30+ years experience in the industry.
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Project management is IAG’s core expertise, and we have a strong track record
Over the last 21 years IAG has managed the execution of more than 200 capital projects ranging in size from $2MM to $1BN. We bring our collective knowledge, experience, and expertise to make your project a success.  Because we only provide PMC services, we operate in a completely objective and transparent manner, with our sole focus on effectively managing the project on our clients behalf.
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Proven Structure and Protocol
One of IAG’s strengths is our ability to establish structure and protocol to ensure projects have a consistent flow throughout project execution for all parties involved, from project owner through facility manager
Detailed Project Execution Plans

IAG develops project execution plans to balance schedule reduction while meeting other key project objectives. The plans apply to all facets of a project and are customized to meet each facility's needs.

Interactive Planning Sessions

Interactive planning sessions are a unique method of building teamwork and consensus in planning, sequencing, and executing the critical activities to complete a project. 

Steering Committee

Typical Engineering and Construction companies will only hold senior management level meetings as required, and avoid formalized steering committees - because a formal process gives the owner too many opportunities to ask hard questions. Which is exactly why IAG has formal steering teams - to ensure the owner has the opportunity to ask questions and understand issues and thus avoid unwelcome surprises.

Integrated Project Management Team

We work with the client to assemble a team comprised of the best talent from both companies based on project requirements. We do this by having conversations related to all aspects of the project, including Process Unit Technology,  Subject Matter Experts, and Commissioning and Start-Up.


IAG's proprietary web-based software focuses on efficiently managing procurement and material management information to support project execution. Capture is built to integrate multiple entities to support project execution.

Early Engagement with Facility Managers

This communication starts as early as possible to ensure understanding of how the operations team will startup the facility. This knowledge guides the completion sequence of the engineering and construction efforts.