About IAG

IAG plans, optimizes and executes capital projects that consistently outperform industry ROI benchmarks. We apply deep industry expertise, leading safety practices and principles of intellectual honesty to deliver creative solutions throughout the project lifecycle.

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Our Story

IAG was born out of the Triten corporation. The Triten Corporation was founded in 1946 by Roman F. Arnoldy as a general fabrication, welding, and machine shop. Triten went on to pioneer processes for bulk welding proprietary alloys for wear-resistance applications for a number of industries worldwide.
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Innovative Roots

Filing for his first patent at 29 years old, Roman Arnoldy continued innovating at Triten, then known as the Texas Alloy Products Company. Triten went on to develop and operate under numerous patents and proprietary products and processes, including the T-200X weld-overlay product, which became the worldwide standard for hardfaced steel plate. Triten also developed an industry revolutionizing bulk-welding process and, in the 1980s, the TAPCO Slide Valve, which can still be found in FCC units around the world.
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Triten Expansion

In 1992, at 80 years old, Roman Arnoldy founded Arnco Technology, a company which took principles from the hardfacing industry and applied the technology to the petroleum drilling industry. Arnco would become a pioneer in the casing-friendly hardbanding industry, and more than 25 years later, Arnco products are used by drillers around the world to protect drilling assets downhole.
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In 1995, John Arnoldy co-founded the International Alliance Group to deliver project management and execution services for refinery and FCC revamps. Over the years IAG has successfully completed over 60 FCC projects.
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First project over $100 Million

In 2000 IAG was awarded an FCC Expansion and GasCon Project in Texas City.
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Expansion into Rapid Response Projects

In 2004 IAG developed rapid response project execution teams for catastrophic events.  The first project was a fire rebuild in Yorktown Virginia.
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First $1 Billion project

In 2007 IAG began work on a multi-unit refinery expansion project in Canada.  Units included Syncrude Distillation, FCC, GasCon/Main Frac, Cat-Poly, and Offsites.
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Expansion into Midstream Gas Processing Projects

In 2007 branched out from downstream refining projects to work on Gas Processing Projects
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Expansion into Biofuels

In 2009 IAG began working on Biofuel projects. To date IAG has been involved in over 20 emerging technology projects.
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Expansion into Chemical

In 2012 IAG worked on its first Chemical project with a multi-unit revamp of an idled chemical plant in Houston Texas
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Expansion into Cogen

In 2013 IAG began work on its first Cogen (Power Generation) project in Minnesota
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20 Million Man Hours

Passed 20 million managed man hours with a TRIR of 0.30
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Expansion into Terminal Projects

In 2014 IAG began its first Rail Terminal Project for Ethanol distribution.
Our Approach


The health and safety of employees, contractors, customers and neighbors is our most important measure of success


We combine highly skilled personnel, extensive project management experience and tested structure and protocol to ensure projects exceed industry success benchmarks
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Intellectual Honesty

We have accomplish our success through an applied method of unbiased problem solving which we call intellectual honesty
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The Triten Group

Triten Corporation
In business for nearly 75 years, Triten Corporation is a holding company and shared services group for operating subsidiaries. The Triten Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Project development, management, and execution services business. Over half of clients are repeat business and our average employee has over 30 years of industry experience.
Triten Real Estate Partners
Develops, invests, and operates industrial,
office, multi-family, and mixed use projects. Over $250 million and 1.5 million square feet in real estate assets developed or under management.
Arnco Technology
Worldwide sales and distribution network to the drilling industry. Our innovative and proprietary products extend the operating life of drilling assets.