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With an average of more than 33 years in the energy industry, the experience, leadership and innovation of our team is unrivaled.
Paul Switzer
Thirty-nine years experience in project development and management of facilities within hydrocarbon and alternative energy sectors, and corresponding insurance areas. As IAG president, he is responsible for commercial management of business operations and leadership of business development activities. Previously served as commercial and contracts manager for various E&C contractors. Specialized in project contracting strategies, subcontract development processes and subcontract administration procedures. Experience also includes twelve years in senior project management of domestic and international grassroots, revamp and turnaround projects with direct multi-project responsibilities.
Jon Moretta
Executive VP, Business Development/Marketing
Thirty years experience spanning operations, technology licensing, consulting, design and construction of major projects in the refining, chemicals, and oil & gas sectors.  Responsible for IAG’s business development and marketing activities with a focus on establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships.  Prior operating experience with a major refining company and served in various technical and business leadership roles for a number of major E&C firms and technology licensors.  Specialized in front-end project development, asset performance improvement, and sustainability driven projects.  Unique expertise related to the production, upgrading and refining of heavy oils.  Extensive experience developing energy projects around the globe.
Greg Saha
Executive VP, Operations
Twenty-seven years experience in project management, project services and operations roles for small-to-large-scale, complex grassroots and/or revamp EPC projects in the downstream, midstream, petrochemical, and alternative energies sectors. Previously served as Director of Projects and Business Manager (projects TIC’s ranging from $50MM to $800MM), including direct hire international EPC projects. Solid commercial contracting skills, detailed understanding of fast-track, lump sum, mixed contracting strategies as well as developing risk mitigation strategies for all phases of grassroots and revamps projects.
Gene Cotten
Executive VP, Business Development/Operations
Twenty-eight years of expertise in operations and strategic development of refining facilities. Previous served as plant(s) manager, operations manager, strategic planning and commercial acquisition/ divestment teams, director of major projects, project management, director of process engineering. Specialized in major projects management and continuous improvement of facilities through reduction in operating cost and strategic deployment of capital. Developed scope and executed $2B of capital project improvements at various facilities; developed scope and execution of two $1B capital projects to modernize domestic and international facility.
Dwayane Farrar
VP, Construction
Dwayane has 40 plus years of experience as a Project Director, Operations Manager and Construction Director, directing engineering disciplines in design, managing full scale operations and directing construction through systems turnover, start-up and commissioning of process plant facilities, both domestically and internationally.

For the past five years at IAG, Dwayane has been responsible for planning, organizing and directing the companies project management and construction activities.  Implementing short and long range plans and strategies for enhancing the capabilities of both departments and assuring all work is executed and constructed in the highest standards of performance.

Projects Include:
  • Alon – VP Role

- $400 million EPCM Hydrocracker Project
- Chevron Technology (Grassroots with Revamps Proposal)

  • Big West of California – VP Role

- $1.2 billion EPCM Clean fuels Project
- UOP Technology (Grassroots with Revamps)

  • Consumers’ Co-Operative Refineries Limited, Canada – Project Director Role

- $900 million EPCM Refinery Expansion Project
- UOP Technology (Grassroots with Revamps)

  • Frontier Oil – Project Director / Construction Manager Role

- $118 million EPCM Coke Drum Replacement Project
- ConocoPhillips Technology (Revamp)

  • Giant Industries – Project Director / Construction Manager Role

- $18 million EPCM ULSD Fire Re-build Project
- Linde BOC Technology

  • SandRidge Midstream Inc. – VP Role

- $850 million EPCM MMSCFD Natural Gas Plant
- UOP Technology
- $20 million RIK Selexol Plant Fire Re-build Project
- $1.5 million RIK CO2 Compressor Fire Re-build Project
- $3.6 million RIK Selexol Plant Fire Re-build Project
- $10.0 million TIC Grey Ranch Thermal Oxidizer Revamp Project

  • Southern Union Gas Services – VP Role

- $21.6 million RIK Keystone Natural Gas Plant Fire Re-build Project

  • Western Industries – VP Role

- $168 million EPCM Hydrotreater Project

Previous employers, CDI Engineering Solutions, ABB Lummus Global Inc. and Fish Engineering and Construction, rounded out Dwayane’s career presenting opportunities on large and small projects in multiple roles both domestic and international.


Program Director

Responsible for the management of two large EPCM programs.  Directed several projects on multiple sites concurrently.

Programs Included:

  • Oil and Gas Company

- $500 million EPCM refinery projects in five (5) plants

  • Chemicals Company

- $375 million EPCM petrochemical projects in two (2) plants

Project / Operations Manager

Managed operation of an International office while directing engineering and interfacing with construction for a $4 billion on-shore processing facility.

It was the largest foreign direct investment in the country at that time, projected and achieved recoverable resources of 2.3 billion barrels of oil and 17 trillion cubic feet of gas; the field produces a daily plateau rate of 250 thousand barrels.

Jim Casillo
VP, Business Affairs
Thirty years experience in contracts management and subcontracts administration, purchasing, and logistics and materials management of major construction projects.Solid commercial contracting skills- negotiated and administrated both prime and subcontracts for CM and EPC projects in domestic and international market sectors, including insurance-related. Experienced in private industries and government programs, with an emphasis on administration and management of corporate and departmental policies, procedures and operations. Recent experience includes international and domestic grassroots projects (both TIC’s >$800MM), international and domestic revamps projects (TICs ranging $1 to $250MM) and multiple worldwide turnaround projects.
Jim Woodard
VP, Technical Services
Thirty-plus years experience in the energy sector’s E&C industry with consistent growth in responsibilities and duties associated with project management, engineering and engineering management, construction management, construction engineering, facilities maintenance, plant and equipment reliability, manufacturing and fabrication, Quality Assurance/Quality Control and inspection services. Experience throughout the entire hydrocarbon sector, with extensive experience with non-domestic equipment manufacturers in Europe, Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, South America, Canada and Japan.
Barry Switzer
VP, Commercial Services
Twenty-four years experience in the energy sector’s E&C industry, specifically pressure vessel and heat exchanger equipment (design, fabrication, procurement, and inspection). Currently responsible for management of IAG’s Commercial Services Group, including purchasing, contract, expediting and traffic and logistics. Specialized experience in equipment evaluation/assessment and rebuilding efforts. Experience encompasses five projects with TIC> $1.8B and 30 projects with TIC>$500MM. Recent experience includes 40 FCCU units, 38 gas treating/storage facilities and 33 hydroprocessing units, both domestic and worldwide.
Terry Albers
VP of Project Services
Thirty years experience in project controls, services and operations roles for small-to-large-scale, complex grassroots and/or revamp EPC projects in the refinery, gas processing, petrochemical, power generation fields and in the steel mills. Responsibilities have included department management, project planning and scheduling, project cost control, cash flow projections, change order management, estimating, project organization, and material planning. Terry has been with IAG for five years serving in both project execution and company management roles. Previous experience include project services management roles at other energy E&C companies.
Suresh Patel
Project Director
Suresh Patel, P.E.
Project Director
46 years experience

Over forty-six years of project management, project engineering, civil-structural and pressure vessel engineering experience in the engineering, design and construction of petrochemical and petroleum refining projects.  Experience included project execution and engineering support for wide range of petrochemical/refinery process units such as FCC, CCR Platformer, Hydrotreaters, Hydrocrackers, Alky, Treating units, Caustic Chorine, Chloromethanes, Sulfur Plants, Crude/Vacuum Units, Warehousing Facilities, etc.

Employed with IAG since 1998, as Project Director for the FCC Project Execution Team, he has been responsible for all phases of projects (studies/evaluations, FEED, EPC, start-up) both in the domestic US as well as international. His experience includes modifications to all FCC technologies throughout his forty-six years. His expertise has allowed him to help develop and install several FCC technology firsts, such as:
  • Helped develop and install first-of-kind external spent caralyst stripper to improve catalyst circulation and unload internal stripper
  • First application and installation of UOP Vortex Separation System riser termination device in FCC Regenerator
  • First application and installation of UOP Third Stage Separator
  • First application and installation of UOP MSCC process technology.

Previous employment included Litwin E&C, Raytheon E&C and Padon Engineering Company.

Suresh has an M.S. in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Sadar University, India.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer and member of ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Antoine Schellinger
VP/Counsel Strategy & Technology
Twenty-one years experience in the energy, chemicals, biofuels, and biochemicals sectors with extensive practice in emerging technologies and commercialization programs. Core focus is on long-term nurturing of relationships with strategic partners where IAG can impute maximum value. Previously engaged as an operations executive in the mid-stream sector, technical due diligence leader for emerging technology fund, general manager of start-up engineering company, and numerous capital project execution roles at major E&C firms. Geographical experience includes North America, Central America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. 
Michael McBride
Director, Business Development