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IHS CERAWeek 2013

Drivers of Change: Geopolitics, Markets and the New Map of Energy

The energy industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by  new technologies, shifts in global demand, regulatory uncertainties, and the new realities and cost structure of supply.  At the same time, growing economic uncertainty, particularly in Europe and emerging Asia — along with geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America — all pose new risks and challenges as companies invest to meet future energy needs.


IHS CERAWeek 2013 will offer new insight on the energy future — and on the strategic and investment responses by producers, consumers and policy-makers.  What are the changes ahead in the competitive landscape for oil, natural gas, coal, renewables, and nuclear power?   How will the global unconventional oil and gas revolution change the game for all energy  participants?  What will be the fuel and technology  choices of the future?

IHS CERAWeek is the leading gathering of senior energy decision-makers from around the world.  It provides presentations from over 300 speakers — including senior industry executives, government officials and thought leaders — on the changing energy playing field.  IHS CERAWeek 2013 will be a timely gathering that delivers unparalleled  insight, critical analysis, and clarity  on the future of energy in a changing world.
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